Risks, Real and Imagined

Nature Aging, News & Views, 2021

Older adults are at high risk of suffering debilitating health effects from COVID-19. Effective communication of associated risks is therefore paramount. A new study finds that imagining a personalized disease transmission event amplifies perceived risk and bolsters risk-related information seeking in older age.

Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Reduced Updating

All Things Cognition, a Psychonomic Society Podcast, 2020

If you have high right-wing authoritarian attitudes, then you will be less likely to change your answers when asked again even after being told the right answers.

The Power of Prediction

Teaching with Learning in Mind, 2018

In educational settings we are more likely to think about retrieving relevant prior knowledge prior to acquiring new information. […] this line of research can advance our understanding of the intricacies of the learning process, and enrich our ability to both evaluate and formulate effective approaches for teaching.